Topography of an ancient

Topography of an ancient

A map of the world writ in wood, grooves of a thousand thousand raindrops and storms. Salty water infuses its being, bringing the weight of the sea to this shore. Its protective coat of bark long since stripped, this bone of an ancient rests regal and unrivalled, a constant on this little beach. A perfect perch for awe.

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2 Replies to “Topography of an ancient”

  1. A map. A perch. I know something about how it is perfect, and I can’t quite put that into words. If I sense it as a map, then look at it as a perch through the sense of being a map, I notice its resilience. The curved trails in there suggest to me that it’s a resting snapshot of motion. Something is changing. Or something changed. This raises more questions than answers. This is a map for holding questions. Awesome.

    1. I appreciate your musings about this post! And enjoy the fact that it raises more questions for you. Also, really like the way you phrased this: “This is a map for holding questions.” Awesome!

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