I’m a writer living in Vancouver, by the sea.


Words fuel my zest for life and capture something of its spirit. So, for more than 20 years, I have applied my creative energies to communications work and personal writing projects. More recently, I have started taking pictures.

As a communications professional, I’ve done everything from planning awareness campaigns and managing website redesigns to writing and editing in a range of media. Upbeat and collaborative by nature, I enjoy the fellowship of teamwork, building strong business relationships, managing editorial groups, and mentoring editors and writers.

In the realm of personal projects, I have worked on solo, group writing, and storytelling ventures, from a radio show to a feminist press. I recently finished my first novel, Keep Carry On, and am currently sending it to publishers. I have started to write my second book.

The process of writing my first novel has shaped my life: I’ve carved out writing retreats and sabbaticals, written through vacations, flus, and summer holidays. It has made me a better editor, and writer, and allowed me to assist other writers in shaping their work. It has also taught me a great deal about perseverance, trust, and serendipity.


Originally from Quebec, I grew up bilingual in a French-Canadian town near Montreal, in a musical family with European origins. My Master of Arts in Soviet and East European Studies stemmed from these roots.


Proximity to nature sustains and stirs my sense of wonder, and inspires the images and text you see on my blog. Daily walks are one of my prescriptions for life, and I don’t tire of the same path because nature brings unstoppable changes to everything I see.

Please explore this site, and contact me if you are so inspired!