Mini-woman rides wolf

Mini-woman rides wolf

Legs over the back of its neck, riding high off the stormy skies of a grey morning, the mini-woman sits in a still shot of action now that she has reigned in wolf, halting its gallop toward the sea. Tamed and panting from the long run, wolf looks toward the horizon, the way behind already forgotten.

Together they breathe in great gulps of salty air, relishing their escape, their arrival to another shore.

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  1. When they reach the shore, she falls to the ground, exhausted. The mud soaks through her knees. The wolf runs off, and she hears her family calling.

    Someone helps her up. A cup is placed in her hand. The warm liquid, coffee, and the warmth of the cup revive her. She walks to the house, enters, and breathes in home.

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