Breaking sky

Breaking sky

Expectations of rain and cold break across the horizon with light that rips the clouds apart. Impossible not to be transfixed, ours eyes are riveted to the grey-blue sea that matches exactly the sky’s depth of colour, born out of the shoulder of winter, its temperament evident in bursts of wind and gusts of rain.

Sea laps the base of mountains, the peaks of which touch storm-clouds that fill the water’s surface with the colour of liquid steel.

Though often a steady rainy curtain descends in winter, on this fall day clouds roll and tumble in breath-catching play. Blue-dark clouds threaten thunder, then light cracks them open, smashes against the skyscrapers at the shores of downtown and casts their blinding forms into the water.

Walking along Vanier Park with a friend, speaking in galloping tones about the moment, the tidal air, art, creations, sky jumps in to break the conversation. The colours of nature reveal themselves in the cloud-torn light.

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