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Leaf does not yield to autumn

Leaf does not yield to autumn

A splash of green shields the grey limbs of a fig tree. A swath of clouds holds back rain, the better to wonder at this display of colour in the muted light.

Each leaf, on each tree, lives by nature’s clock. Leaf takes its cues from early days of late winter’s bud, to tender shoot in spring and full maturity in summer. Its tenacity remains evident now, with so much green and just a touch of yellow at the tips. It must be resolute, and lucky, or it will snap off before its life is fully lived.

This will not prevent its death. One day, with luck, yellow-orange will suffuse the leaf, tree will renounce its hold, and leaf will quit the tree. Fallen, it will decompose into nutrients and return to the soil and nourish new growth.

But not yet.

Thank you, leaf, for holding my attention when it started to wander, for long enough to make me pause. May you live long enough for your burnished colours to reveal themselves in their gentle splendour, their quietude.

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